The Revolution of Human Performance

How does it work? It is simple.

Disconnected Data

Your data may come from wearables, location-based sensors, external data, in-person and athlete input, historical data including injuries, peak performance episodes, biomarkers, and proprietary sources.

Contextualized Data

Our AI engine normalizes incoming data, interprets it, scales it, does covariant analysis, applies confidence intervals, as applicable, and categorizes outputs into first, second, and extended order metrics.

Data-Driven Indexes

The structured data is computed into a set of 9 precisely defined indexes such as asymmetry, fatigue, load management, resiliency, availability, optimal performance, wellness, and force production.

One Number™ Protocols

Our prescriptive protocols give you insight into where to focus your training. Each protocol is personalized and is the beginning of your daily journey to achieve fewer injuries and higher performance.

The Mets were on track to make the playoffs, spending over 100 days in first place, despite having talent on the sidelines. The team finally broke down under the weight of those injuries, their depth broken despite pre-season and in-season deals to strengthen the team.

The payroll isn’t the problem and neither is the talent.

The problem is that the Mets system as currently organized can’t keep that talent healthy and on the field. It doesn’t take billions to fix this just a will to act.”

Under the Knife, September 2021

How we are different

“Don’t be the best in the world at what you do, be the only one in the world who does what you do.” @gapingvoid


Prescriptive Protocols

Northstarr identifies precisely what you will need to focus on based on extensive research in sports medicine.


Data Aggregation

This is the only system that collects data from sources that have never been aggregated before.

Confidence Intervals

We would love it if every device in the Sensorverse was accurate. They are not. We calculate for their variances in our results.

Holistic Approach

By starting with emotional, cognitive, and physical assessments, we focus on the whole person beyond just the data.

Impact of Injuries

Our focus on derisking injury through data-driven insights enables us to power availability assurance.

Data Driven Indexes

We have calculated essential factors, metrics, KPIs, and correlations that drive your performance.


One Number™ Protocols

Northstarr’s prescriptive protocols give you a clear framework to proactively gameplan your path to success.

Human of the Future

Northstarr Labs is continually evaluating innovative technologies, making sure you have the best available tech

One Size Does Not Fit All

Currently, there is not a holistic working model for athlete training.
Every player is different, every position is different, every sport is different, and every team is different.

There is too much raw data

With the expansion of the SensorVerse, one thing is missing, context.

Yes, there are hundreds of ways to collect data, most don’t work together or provide a unified set of information to help you make better decisions.

There is no shared language

People often work, unintentionally, in siloed efforts that can end up at cross purposes, inhibiting collaboration.

This lack of communication leads to disjointed efforts to solve specific problems through disconnected point solutions.

Let's Talk

We’d love to understand your unique situation.

At Northstarr we recognize every person is different, every position unique, every sport, and each team has specific challenges.  

Let’s have a conversation about your game plan and preparation.