jeremy bettle northstarr

Jeremy Bettle

Jeremy is the Director of Performance Science for Northstarr.  Jeremy has decades of experience at the highest levels of sport (MLS, NHL, NBA, Collegiate Sports, USA Rugby), with responsibility as Director of Performance at the New York City Football Club (NYCFC), Anaheim Ducks, and Toronto Maple Leafs. Previously, Jeremy was the head of Strength and Conditioning for the Brooklyn Nets and USA Rugby.


Stephen Meyer

Stephen is an integral part of the senior leadership team at Northstarr, a rising leader in the athlete performance and availability assurance market. He is also a partner at Karerra, an international outcome accelerator, and at IGC – Innovative Growth Capital, a venture fund. Stephen is a seasoned operating executive, accelerator leader, international investor, and serial entrepreneur with direct venture capital fund investment and private equity experience.


Wesley King

Wesley is the Head of Growth and Innovation at Northstarr, focused on initiatives to develop actionable data insights, partner with cutting-edge companies, and grow value for the Northstarr ecosystem. Wesley is an award-winning innovation ecosystem designer, having developed five novel internal technologies as an Innovation Architect at Cisco Systems.


Gary McCoy


Gary is one of the founders of Northstarr and an industry leader in sport science, data driven platforms, athlete availability, and the evolution of athlete performance. Northstarr's AI driven technology platform is built on insights using an approach proven on the field/court/pitch/ice. Northstarr offers an intriguing perspective of what is possible harnessing state-of-the-art sensor and data-science technology to deliver holistic, personalized, prescriptive protocols.


Will Carroll

Will is the Director of Bioanalytics for Northstarr, working with the team to hone and refine analytical systems that enable teams and athletes improve performance while assuring availability. For twenty years Will has been on the cutting edge of performance, at the intersection of sports medicine and sports science, making injury analysis and analytics to accessible and understandable to all.


Tom Weber

Tom is the Head of Client Development at Northstarr – an international athlete and human readiness and performance technology firm.

Tom is a serial entrepreneur assisting customers with innovation, reimagination, capital, and acceleration.


Mark Sylvester

Mark is a part of the founding team at Northstarr, a firm focused on enabling people to achieve peak performance while avoiding preventable injuries. He is an advisor to Karerra, an international outcome accelerator, and IGC – Innovative Growth Capital, a venture fund. Mark is a seasoned strategist and serial entrepreneur who helped create and launch the 3D animation and graphics software category and market.